Advancing security for Microsoft Office

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Steve Cronan

Guard against hackers, ransomware and data theft.

Ensuring email integrity is vital for business survival.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre predicts that in 2024 attackers will shift tactics from exploiting weaknesses in software and networks to directly targeting business and financial operations, most commonly via email.

This practice is called Phishing. Phishing emails may contain some or all of:

– links to malicious sites
– hidden malware
– ransomware buried in attachments.

These fake emails request an action, say, to make a payment, check an online account or reset a password.

If actioned hackers can seize control of computers, lock files, or worse, send private and confidential information directly to the hacker. It’s getting much harder to spot fake from genuine emails.

The financial and personal consequences can be crippling. Often you won’t find out until it’s too late…
Antivirus is not the answer. Government and industry bodies repeatedly warn of the consequences of inadequate or outdated virus and static malware protection.

Your current spam filter or Microsoft Defender may not be up to preventing the aftereffects of Phishing.

You don’t have to be big to get hit by a ransomware attack (like Medibank) or suffer a data breach (like Optus).

SecureSoft recommends stronger safeguards for Microsoft Office and collaboration tools, including:

– advanced API-based email phishing protection and remediation  
– dynamic malware ‘detect and disarm’ for Windows, MacOS and Android
– integrated application visibility and control tools
– integrated governance, risk and compliance tools
– automated patch management
– managed 24×7 security operations centre (SOC)
– desktop, server, laptops and mobile devices

Each layer is tailored to your needs and includes local 24×7 technical support.

Reach out and discover email integrity solutions vital to your business.

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