Intelligently validate your security and compliance.
Audit workstations, servers and laptops.
Rapidly construct personalised compliance templates. Assess endpoint devices against security and compliance polices.
Find potential vulnerabilities.

Validate compliance to standards such as PCI/DSS, NIST, SANS and more in minutes. Local policy editor enables you to construct your own compliance policy template to self-audit. Reports are produced outlining pass/fail against your own policies or a range of industry standard policies. Titania Paws delivers as it is:

  • Accurate
  • Intelligent
  • Deterministic



Reports are generated in seconds This means that you can collate data quickly and get results instantly so you can act fast.
Competitive per device pricing model This means that you can purchase the right size license for your network and grow it with your network.
Policy Editor: using the Data Collector you can create your own policy to audit against. You can also edit the pre-defined policies This means that no matter what policy you want to audit you can do this with Paws Studio, offering ultimate flexibility.
Pre-defined compliance policies Using pre-defined policies you can instantly check your security against industry standards, helping to become compliant and avoid fines and breaches.
The Data Collector is an executable file that can be put onto the machine being audited to extract the configuration, leaving no footprint behind. Although you can do this across the network, the option of not connecting to the network means that it can be used in locked down environments and does not leave anything that could be dangerous behind.
Fast installation and multi-device activation
The software can be downloaded and installed in minutes on multiple machines.
This is perfect for multi-auditor teams where there are several people using the same license. Useful for Pen Testers who go to multiple sites.
Easy to understand and use
Nipper Studio reports are written in plain English, making them easier to understand with graphs and summaries. Help guidance is offered throughout the software to explain terminology and functions.
Easy to understand reports with lots of explanation means that users can operate the software straight away and don’t need to waste time contacting us for support. Graphs and summaries mean it is easy to report findings to non-technical managers.
Multiple export options:
Individual tables can be saved out and distributed
This helps when auctioning the report. By saving out sections of the report into CSV for example, network security managers can have parts of the report actioned easily without having to distribute the entire report.

Standards and Compliance Bodies Include

PAWS policy editor

PAWS ready to scan.

PAWS result sample

Paws Technical Specification Document


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