Assess firewalls, switches and routers against security and compliance policies.
Report findings, vulnerabilities and fixes. Stop breaches by improving basic cyber hygiene.

A thorough, fast and cost-effective way to automate penetration testing 24x7x365.
Block security weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers. Titania Nipper is the choice for penetration testers globally as it is:

  • Accurate
  • Intelligent
  • Deterministic



Reports are generated in seconds
This means that you can collate data quickly and get results instantly so you can act fast.
Competitive per device pricing model This means that you can purchase the right size license for your network and grow it with your network.
Detailed reports You can find vulnerabilities on your network that you didn’t know existed and do something about it.
Remediation & mitigation advice This enables you to understand why a vulnerability is an issue and plan how to fix it.
Pre-defined compliance policies Using our pre-defined policies, you can instantly check your security against industry standards, helping to become compliant and avoid fines and breaches.
No network connection needed & offline activation By not having to connect to the network you can ensure that the software does not introduce additional security issues and can be used in locked down environments.
Fast installation & multi-device activation The software can be downloaded and installed in minutes on multiple machines. This is perfect for multi-auditor teams where there are several people using the same license. It is also useful for pen testers who go to multiple sites.
Customisable settings & profiles Using Nipper Studio’s setting you can tailor the security auditing report to fit your requirements and save these as profiles. Insert your own customer name, logos and classification. Means you can produce a report that reflects your security standards. Save time otherwise spent editing the report. You can also edit things like removing sensitive info from the report (such as passwords) to remove security risk.

Standards Bodies

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Report wizard

Nipper Technical Specification Document


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