Managing and Reporting

SpamTitan customers have access to extensive reporting capabilities via the System Information page.


The SpamTitan Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables you to manage and monitor the system using a web-based interface. Each page is laid out in an intuitive and consistent manner and includes numerous charts and tables detailing system status. Real-time information can be viewed on all mail flow history.

Reporting and Administration

The System Information page provides an overview of the status of SpamTitan. History reporting page enables you to review all mail transactions that have passed through SpamTitan. System Diagnostics via the System Information page allows you to run troubleshooting commands. The Graphs page shows daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics on the number of email messages processed, marked as spam and containing viruses. SpamTitan can send quarantine reports to users at specified times and intervals. The quarantine report contains a list of emails which have not been sent to the user because they potentially contain spam or viruses. The end user can decide to deliver, whitelist or delete the emails in the quarantine report.

SpamTitan Guides

SpamTitan Gateway


SpamTitan API