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Powerful email security solutions from Vircom that maximise your ability to prevent spam, targeted phishing and more.

modusGate, from Vircom, offers affordable on-premise, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, URL Defense, Targeted Phishing Protection. Now with directQuarantine Outlook Plugin.

Its Artificial Intelligence Engine and real-time threat analysis catches over 99.95% of malicious emails with a 0% false positive rate (according to VBSpam tests), while also protecting you from domain spoofing and other popular methods of attack. modusGate’s new Threat Dashboard also gives you deep, up-to-the-minute intelligence on what email threats are being blocked.
Vircom, have more than two decades of experience in providing cutting-edge email filter solutions that really work. Capabilities that have evolved since the very start of the consumer internet to meet the changes (and risks) that emerge online for all organisations.


  • Authenticate against DMARC
  • Configure routes for Office 365 Active Directory
  • Protect against Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Protect against targeted phishing and email spoofing
  • Cluster configurations supported
  • directQuarantine Outlook Plugin
  • AI engine and real-time threat analysis
  • Display Name Phishing Protection

Deployment and System Options

modusGate is a powerful on-premise email security solution with Advanced Threat Protection

modusGate 6.5 with DMARC


modusGate Blockade Cluster

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