Digital transformation poses new risks every day. Raise your employees’ awareness of risk with online Security Awareness Training.
Research produced by ESI ThoughtLab reveals 87%* of companies consider untrained employees to be the biggest
vulnerability for cyber attacks. Make your employees your strongest asset.

* Current State of Cybersecurity Performance. February 21, 2020.

SecureSoft now offer industry leading courses for HR, staff induction and personal development programs. Build staff engagement, overcome the weak link (people). Content is fit-for-purpose and availability immediately.

The e-learning training includes more than 30 security awareness training modules effectively up-skilling your employees’ awareness of cyber risks.

Key benefits include:

  • the course was designed by G DATA the company that developed the worlds fist antivirus software in 1987
  • the training platform supports integration to other online services through pre-built connectors and APIs
  • course content is written by cyber defence specialists at G DATA and includes brief video tutorials
  • courses are available in multiple languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • course material takes a non-technical approach and is easy to digest
  • progress reporting of individuals and peer groups is fully supported for individuals and administration.
  • content is fit-for-purpose and is immediately accessible (via online delivery)

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SecureSoft and G DATA Cyber Defense Awareness Training


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