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G DATA unleashes BEAST in v14.3

Founded in 1985 G DATA developed the world’s first antivirus software. G DATA’s expertise and innovation ensures security for SMB’s, corporations and their customers worldwide.

The e-learning training includes more than 30 security awareness training modules effectively up-skilling your employees’ awareness of cyber risks.

G DATA has integrated its new process anomaly engine ‘BEAST’ into release v14.3 business products. Proactive on-board behaviour monitoring enables rapid auto-detection and response. BEAST is now imbedded in:

  • G DATA Antivirus Business
  • G DATA Endpoint Protection Business and
  • G DATA Client Security Business
  • G DATA Managed Endpoint Security.

BEAST is a behaviour-based detection technology developed by G DATA that monitors processes and behaviour and stores every observed action to a local light-weight graph data base. BEAST does not rely on the identification of the malware itself but on the observation of generic malicious behaviour.

BEAST enables complete rollback of malware that may have infected a machine. This provides companies with effective behaviour-based protection against zero-day malware without any user disruption. BEAST overcomes the limitations of traditional malware detection.

Improve productivity as false positives are avoided saving time and money. Key features of v14.3 include:

G DATA Admin Dashboard

G DATA Policy Manager – Web Content Control

G DATA Policy Manager - Device Control

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