Administration and Dashboard

G DATA solutions are based on central configuration and administration and provide as much automation as possible, while allowing extensive customisation.

Monitoring, Reporting and Mobile Device Management

G DATA Network Monitoring and Dashboard
Business Solutions Guide

G DATA provides high-end malware protection for SMB and enterprise networks. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices can be protected by G DATA; this includes clients as well as servers configured via the G DATA ActionCenter.G DATA has integrated network monitoring and central dashboard into its existing portfolio of endpoint security solutions. All client scan be administered centrally.


G DATA Mobile Device Management

G DATA Mobile Device Management is available as part of all on-premises and hosted G DATA business solutions. Smartphones and tablets have become digital co-workers in almost every office. G DATA Mobile Device Management, it is easy to keep track of mobile devices in the Network and to ensure adequate protection. The administration and policy management of all mobile devices on the network can be carried out via a single interface.


G DATA Mobile Internet Security for
Android and iOS Devices

G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android features an advanced antivirus scanner. It detects viruses, trojans and other malware before they can affect your system. It also analyses installed apps to detect which authorisations they use. Mobile devices are managed through the same interface as other clients.

G DATA Mobile Internet Security for iOS protects you against phishing websites. iOS devices do not need an agent-based app to be protected.

G DATA Policy Management

Policy Manager is part of the ENDPOINT PROTECTION BUSINESS and MANAGED ENDPOINT SECURITY solutions. The Policy Manager module is divided into four panels: APPLICATION CONTROL, DEVICE CONTROL, WEB CONTENT CONTROL and INTERNET USAGE TIME. Each of these controls a specific aspect of usage and can be enabled or disabled on its own. G Data Policy Management is a comprehensive tool to effectively implement and enforce company policies. For further details refer to the G DATA Business Solutions Guide.