BankVault’s ‘Invisible Keyboard for Webservers’ ensures sensitive data entered by end-users (such as passwords, PINs, SSNs, CVVs, etc) is never intercepted even if a device has been compromised.

This new, radically simple approach to IAM security is seamless to end-users and effortless to deploy:

• No client software
• No infrastructure changes

Logins can be password or passwordless.

Invisible Keyboard for Webservers

Prevents the 6 Major Attack Vectors Targeting Account Takeovers

  • Keyloggers
  • Screen scraping
  • Man-in-the-Browser
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • Bots
  • Phishing

BankVault inverts Webserver-Browser architecture ensuing user input on web forms is secure and untraceable from hackers. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) is invisible to users.

Invisible Keyboard for Webservers

  • The dynamics of cybersecurity fundamentally change when end-user credentials can never be intercepted by malware on any device.
  • A simple API can be coded into any web login form within minutes and deployed to millions of end-users. About 20 lines of code is all that’s required.
  • The end-user mobile device is harnessed by the webserver which creates the illusion of a keyboard on the device.
  • End-user actions can only be interpreted inside the webserver holding the decryption key, generating characters. This is the only place context exists to marry the password, username, device signature of the mobile to authenticate the user and login.
  • No characters are created in the user’s mobile device nor transmitted to the webserver. Only asterisks are echoed back to the user’s screen. Multi-Factor Authentication is invisible to users.
  • Implementation options include:
    – Cloud
    – On-Premise

BankVault is a radically simple IAM technology for enterprises

Password or Passwordless

  • Almost every website uses password logins. Users know their passwords and expect to enter them.
  • BankVault simply eliminates the attack surfaces which capture these login credentials.
  • On mobiles – the keyboard replaces the device’s keyboard seamlessly.
  • On workstations – the user scans a QR code with their mobile camera.
  • The invisible keyboard can be altered to display icons, numerics, alternative character sets or secure passwordless logins.

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