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New client-less DNS filtering system protects public venue Wi-Fi users while improving guest experience.

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi has been deployed to protect guest Wi-Fi users at the superb Etihad stadium in Melbourne.

With more than 35 million fans through the gates since 2000 Etihad Stadium has hosted some of the biggest international sporting events such as UFC193, Soccer World Cup Qualifiers and the International Rugby Union tests.

Etihad needed a client-less DNS filtering solution for their public Wi-Fi to protect users from web threats while connected as guests. With over 700 access points around the stadium it was important the free Wi-Fi service offered patrons convenience and security. ​Implementing WebTitan Wi-Fi security has enabled Etihad Stadium to become one the most technologically advanced, secure and connected stadiums in Australia.

According to Geoff Hall, I.T. Manager at Etihad Stadium, ‘Our guests are the big winners from our partnership with TitanHQ.  A total of 704 high-density Wi-Fi access points have also been installed to provide fast, free and secure internet connections to each and every fan. WebTitan Wi-Fi filtering delivers a transparent experience, with super-fast and secure Internet’’.

Everything is done in the cloud. WebTitan for Wi-Fi leverages the Internet’s existing infrastructure, therefore, avoiding any latency issues and removing the need for on-site hardware or software.  For stadium management and owners, this brings peace of mind as WebTitan for Wi-Fi prevents malware from compromising guests’ devices or stealing guests’ identities over any port, protocol, or app.

At SecureSoft we understand the importance of investing in reliable and family-friendly wireless networks that deliver outstanding performance in large-scale environments like airports, stadiums, shopping centres and sports clubs. We are proud to have helped Etihad secure and enhance the digital experience for their visitors. The continuing growth of smartphones and connected devices is expanding the role of Wi-Fi at more and more venues. These high-capacity converged networks must be able to support secure guest access. WebTitan for Wi-Fi is designed to provide secure Wi-Fi throughout venues while simplifying its management.

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